J. R. Geraci

The Stone Guild | Book 2

After freeing a siren and a dire bear from the castle dungeons, Quinn flees the only home she's ever known. She heads south to try to find her friend—and rescue the princess.

Trapped in Twelve Pools, Jaxon struggles to decipher the message Annabel gave him. He knows time is running out to cure his brother.

While they both fight to save the people they love, the rumblings of war grow and they begin to realize there is more at stake than they could ever have imagined.

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The Stone Guild | Book 1

Jaxon isn't sure how he created the green stone, but it could be exactly what he needs to save his brother. To master the power of the stone, he enlists the help of the greatest healer ever known.

Quinn is a red stone bearer doing everything she can to distract herself from her best friend's impending marriage. She's focused instead on the string of murders haunting the kingdom.

When their paths cross, the danger grows. Soon, they will have no choice but to confront the threats and uncover long-hidden secrets—including their own.

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